Want to join the development?

If you like the idea you can take part in the development.

You're a developer

At present time mobile client is implemented only for Android OS. The protocol of interaction between client and the storage (REST service) is open and described in this document. You can join and help with client for MAC OS.

It would be great to expand functional in the next release: add the oppotunity to estimate alarms, make more attractive intefrace and add some creative features. Its quite hard to do alone that's why you can join to development for Android OS.

All the developers will have equal rights. So if we'll decide to make some features paid then each developer will receive an equal share.

If you aren't a developer

If you can help me to translate the application to other languages - just contact me via email. Any wishes, bugs and ideas you can send by mail also.

Want to be a moderator?

I'll be glad if you help me with the quality of content. Just contact me to register a moderator account.


Pronnikov Nickolay