I would quit mornings

You know, there are people who wakes with a smile. I don’t know why they have such a good mood. Maybe they are happy because a new day begins or because they had a good sleep, who knows? Personally I can’t do that. I really want but… everything annoys me in the mornings. Especially, the alarm clock. That’s why I started form it. First I changed boring signal. It helped but not for a long time. Then I started changing signal every day. It took a long time: I had to find new melodies (that depended on my mood) and kept in mind all the used ones. I.e. each evening I decided how I want to wake up next morning. If I wanted to wake up slowly then I looked for a calm melody. If I knew it would be hard to wake up then I could even use a fire siren! After a while I had a lot of melodies sorted by their type: relax, extreme and so on… And then I decided to share it and write my own alarm clock.

The idea

The idea is quite simple: there is a big storage of alarms on the Internet. There is a web interface to manage this storage. Each user can create an alarm in the storage. Each alarm consists of greeting (message that will be shown when alarm runs), alarm melody and description (if you want to know what woke you this morning:)).

Alarms are sorted by languages and categories. Language concerns to greeting text, melody and melody description. So you can pick just Russian, Italian, French (…and so on) alarms. Personally, I would combine categories and locales.

There is a mobile client that uses this storage. It is a usual alarm clock with one difference: you do not choose an alarm signal. Instead of it you choose a category. For instance, if you choose «Nature» you can wake up to sound of morning birds of a waterfall. You choose «Relax» and then it could be famous «Unchained melody» or «La petite fille de la mer» (if I can solve the copyrights problem). At present time all the stored mp3 compositions are distributed under Creative Commons (CC) license.

When you set new alarm and chose it’s category then the client try to get random alarm from the Internet storage (at set time intervals). If it succeeds then downloaded alarm will wake you, if it doesn’t (because of the network or any other problems) then you’ll wake under emergency alarm (configured in the client settings). Server side application ensures that the alarms you get won’t repeat…so each you awakening is unique!

Try! And you’ll like it!


You can download GM Alarm from

  1. Android market: click here
  2. Using QR scanner:

Release 1.9 notes

  • 5 languages of mobile client app (Russian, English, French, Italian, Chineese)
  • 2 storage localizations (English [en], Russian[ru])
  • Ability to post custom message on Twitter right after awakening
  • Ability to snooze or dismiss the alarm by shaking the phone


Main window

Main window

Add new signal

Add new signal

Signal history

Signal history


Click the link below and you’ll hear random alarm from random localization.